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Charlotte, NC and within 30 miles of Charlotte.

Order Deadline November 18th

All orders will be delivered on Wednesday, November 24th

Serves 8-10 with leftovers or 12-16 in one sitting

$500 minimum order

Main Entrees

Whole Brined & Roasted Turkey                                   $125

Honey Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze                           $165

Prime Rib au Jus                                                             $225

Roasted Rack of Lamb                                                   $225

Classic Sides

Select 2-3 or more of course

Southern Green Beans                    $55

Green Bean Casserole                     $65

Brown Butter Brussels Sprouts      $65

Smoked Turkey Collards                 $75

Roasted Whole Carrots                   $65

Southern Cornbread Dressing/Stuffing  $65

Creamy Mashed Potatoes               $45

Parsley Onion Rice Pilaf                   $30

Sweet Potato Casserole                   $55   

Classic Mac & Cheese                      $80

Finishing Touches

Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce per quart  $25

Sherried Cranberry Sauce per quart        $25
                      Fresh cranberry sauce with sherry

Cranberry Orange Relish per quart           $25

Fresh orange and cranberry puree – raw relish

Roasted Turkey Gravy   per quart             $20

Gourmet Herbed Butter /8 ounces          $10


Go ahead and get one more…

Pumpkin Pie                                $35
Pumpkin Roll                              $45
Pecan Pie                                     $40
Blackberry Cobbler                    $50
Apple Dumplings                       $75
Jamie’s Dessert Special            $65
Extra Whipped Cream quart     $20

All orders will be delivered on Wednesday, November 24th Thank you for your interest in our Thanksgiving Delivery Service. Please complete and submit the form below. You will receive an electronic invoice that you can securely pay online to confirm your reservation. We have a limited number of slots and will fill them on a first come, first served basis. Please note that your Thanksgiving delivery is not confirmed until your invoice is paid. Please use this space to add any special instructions, allergies or dietary concerns. Additionally use this space to indicate if you want multiple items. We will contact you to verify your order before finalizing your invoice.
Remember, this is first come first serve with limited number of dinners available.
Your order is NOT confirmed until your invoice is paid.


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Chef Pamela Roberts

Chef Jamie Turner